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Richi Collection of sofa sets have become a recognizable force in the modernization of Edmonton furniture industry. Richi Collection has time and time again set the industry standard for style, comfort, and affordability.

When Richi Collection began back in 1992 under its parent company, Richi Collection has steadily risen to the top. Originating as solely a wholesale warehouse, retailers were quick to adopt the Richi Collection and it remained a wholesale entity till recent years. The economic situation in Alberta has left a lot of Albertans in the cold with an uncertain future.

Richi Collection was quick to act to maintain a good quality choice for Albertans to have nice furniture at a great price without having to worry about breaking the bank by opening to the public direct!

The furniture climate has changed since its inception, but Richi Collection has remained and will be a strong competitor to this day giving people more choice and a great price with the quality you can count on.

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